Hello Woodburn,

My wife Joan and I have lived in Woodburn for three years now. It seems like such a short time ago, but as they say, "time flys by". We have truly come to love this community, and everything about it's diverse cultures.

From wine country to Mexican food, or a sandwhich at "From Russia with Love", to sipping a beer made by Monks at the Mt. Angel Benedictine brewery, there is always something different to offer here. This summer you might just see us washing down a hot dog with a pale ale while watching a baseball game in Keizer.

We recently decided to be a "host family" for two baseball players who have come to town to play in the new independent league at the Keizer Stadium. They have played baseball all over the country and even in Europe. I didn't even know there were leagues over there. It is a pleasure discussing with them their experiences with the different cultures in Italy, Austria, Spain, Germany and the like.

It truly is heartwarming to see humanity not only put their differences aside, but rather embrace them, and enjoy them, while all the while recognizing we are all one big family on this planet!

Here, of course, we are the BURN FAMILY...and our culture is one of people who believe in training for life. It's not exercise, its preparation for being able to do all of those things out there that this world so abudantly provides.

Come and be one of our FIT...HEALTHY...HAPPY crew...

Rick & Joan